We are from Luc Yen, where is famous for high quality Ruby, Spinel and Tourmaline.

Born in a gem land, love with gemstone is always flowing in us, we understand them and work with them everyday. We have been experienced in this business for 30 years and more.

So far, high quality Ruby, Spinel are our strong items. Great matching set and special orders are available


I. The Company strong Items

1. Facet Ruby from Yen Bai, Nghe An.

 We do facet Ruby from pinkish red to pigeon blood color. Size 1ct – 5ct.

 Vietnam Ruby comes with really beautiful and open red color. This material is ranged at top quality of Ruby in the world.

2. Star Ruby from Yen Bai

As for Burmese star Ruby, it could be found  with nice color but hard to find big size. As for African star Ruby, big size isn’t as rare as in Burma but the color in general is quite purplish and dark.

However, fortunately, Star Ruby  from Vietnam is really special because of great color, sharp star and can be found with big size

3. Spinel

Regarding to red Spinel, we have a collection with size from 3 – 10 ct, intense red and great clarity.

Regarding to lavender and cobalt Spinel, we have been collecting for a long time so the parcel is really impressive with wide range of size and top color.

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