Luc Yen Cobalt spinel - The most pure blue gem in the world

Why cobalt spinel is so desirable and reach to a such sky price. Let's find the answer with Precious Le

Started from 2000s, cobalt spinel was discovered and become one of the most expensive gemstones on the planet. Among dozen of origin, only Vietnam mine can produce the most neon, pure, electric blue. But it's by the time too much rare and limited, the mine that produce this material is also small field, only around 500 square metter, the local already mine again and again. the size of this cobalt spinel is mostly under 1ct for rough and very included. Therefore, cobalt spinel earns highest compliment of fine gem and reach sky rocketing price

Cobalt spinel in Vietnam breaks the price record every year because it become rarer and rarer and it's almost impossible to find a wellcut fine cobalt spinel 1ct


Beside the crazy color, you can find all the incredible beauty factors in a fine cobalt spinel such as brilliance, vibrancy, sparkle, high hardness, super high rarity; that make Vietnam Cobalt spinel become the most extraodinary blue gem in the world. While blue sapphire sometimes can get this crazy color but can not put the sparkle and rarity in comparison. Although Blue diamond is very sparkle but they never have such a supernatuaral electrict blue like this.

Precious Le is specialized in high quality cobalt spinel
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